Thursday, May 19, 2011

an official brain dump....

i gotta do ears are starting to leak!

FRIENDS....a real one will buy you a pizza from a thousand miles away cuz you  had someone rape your bank account. they never give up on you cuz you have bad times. they listen to you rant and rave about the most insane things, even when you ramble and forget what you were talking about. they give your number to hot bartenders. real friends will push you to be better, even if you pass them up on the way. crazy as they are they are yours. no one but you knows how much they mean, let them know too.
they may misunderstand you but that's only because they want the best for you.

WORK...this day and age it is fleeting. never lose who you are for the almighty dollar, you might wonder what just happened a little too late. do what you love, or at least do what you do well!

THIEVES....nameless faceless cowards that steal from the hardworking everyday person, you are scum. go rob the rich peoples bank accounts, mess up their greedy lives. you will be caught, you will be punished, hopefully in a country that cuts off bodyparts.

WOMEN....i don't get you at all. you are soft, warm and so loving, until that crazy side of you appears. tell us what you want and need, men are too simple to read minds. throw us a frikkin bone here! single ladies...don't make us chase you so much, especially if you like us. be bold and let us know.

ah....much better. my head is now full of air and dust bunnies.

and now for something completely different...
A MAN WITH  3 BUTTOCKS...not really just some training

zerchers 315x2 5 sets....added a  little shrug at the top to pull the bar up a bit.
shrugs 405x10 6 sets
rope rows/ pulldowns 100/100x 8/8 6 sets
face pulls 50x20 5 sets
hang cleans 135 8 singles

elliptical 20 minutes

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