Saturday, December 12, 2009

saturday pissings...

was supposed to go and do event training today. instead i turned off my alarm and slept in. not good...
went to the gym and punished myself severely. deadlifts 455 5 reps hook grip and chalk. my hands look like hell. good mornings, shrugs, pulldowns and pullups completely ruined my back. the eagle claw pullups always get looks in the gym. hope i can hold a pen tomorrow.

yesterday i murdered my triceps with close grip presses, extensions, pushdowns and incline presses. for some reason my arms really hurt today.

a few observations....
if you are a guy and have to use straps to lift 135lbs do some grip work. there are women stronger than you!

if you have to psyche up before calf raises you are a douchebag. try squats instead chicken legs!

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