Monday, March 7, 2011

on the crapper

ever have that epiphany while sitting there unloading your bowels and stinking up the place? yeah had a few in my life...mostly just stinking up the place though with a few bright and shining moments. i wonder if Einstein came up with his theory that way? but i digress....

the past few weeks are a true test of who i am and what makes me tick. it is a struggle somedays to get up and function. i apply to jobs with the hope of just hearing "we want you to work for us."  i check my resume to update and change details, just to fit a job, praying that the HR personnel like what they see.

through all this i find a way to keep sane and away from the ledge. the gym, hulu, netflix, pandora and my weekly trip to the little diner down the street. funny how the simple things make a difference. i talk to my friends and kids which is a great way to bring me off the edge. also i am going through old art and stories, rethinking that i should just do this stuff again. there is my passion. love the sport. you just have to watch the Arnold Classic to know what i mean. hurts the most that i cannot compete and training can be too much to bear right now. but i stay in the gym and keep that fire burning. hopefully i can stay healthy...which is why i will be taking a week off. damn shoulder is tweaked. funny how an ancient injury will come back to haunt you.

so to sum this rambling wreck....i need the focus and intensity to see it all through!  just had to share a pic of Travis Ortmayer.

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