Monday, April 26, 2010

a case of the mondays...

today already seems like it will never end. maybe it is the anticiaption of moving, 5 dyas off, and restarting my life. or it could just be that it is slow and has been all weekend.

i want to get back to training. i have 2 comps coming up, causing me to really focus. but that must wait till i get settled. won't take long and i have several options for training. 2 gyms relativley close and my training partner nearby.

diet should be easy for this. just back to doing keto. training will have to be stepped up and intense. no problem there. going to have to focus on a few lifts and events i truly dislike: deadlift, farmers walk, and yoke. but those will make or break me when it comes to nationals qualification.

ah well, back to searching for the end of thre internet....

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