Saturday, May 22, 2010

back strength and shoulder brutality

went to the gym on my days off. was able to hit shoulders and back. missed my push presswith 255. seems that i can't get under it enough. i am getting stuck about halfway...grrr! was able to brutalize my delts though and i am feeling it now. also discovered a wicked new piece of cardio equipment...the precor! nasty and rough. going to keep that one!

back the next day was intense. started with power cleans from the hang position. struggled to get 195 but did it. blastred lats with rows and pulldowns. but zerchers were my fav that day! 315 for 7 singles. hope these help my stones. think i scared a few people doing those...

going to have to buy a scale just to keep my weight on my mind. dunno where i am gym has an old scale. might jump on the postal scale at work...

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