Sunday, October 14, 2012

overtime, workouts, debate and grip

What a week it has been! I worked some OT and was not happy. Not because I didn't want to work, I love the extra cash and my job is easy...I hate sitting around doing nothing and then being asked to leave early. Totally ruins my day off. Oh well, I took it out on the weights.

Had three great workouts this week. Was thrilled that I made all of them. let's hope the streak continues!
Legs, chest, and shoulders were all toasted this week. Have the "good" soreness which makes me think I am growing. I still have to figure out the best way to get the biceps to grow...

Last Sunday's shoulder workout was insane. I did a seated press with 320 for 3. Was it ugly! Shoulder held up but I had to ice it later. During the week I managed to hit legs really well. Then I killed chest and back on Thursday. I am a real fan of the Hammer Strength machines. They have always felt good.

Today I switched up my shoulder routine and started with upright rows on the smith. Worked up to 325 for 3 singles then finished off with 205 for seven sets of seven. One thing I have added is front raises and think it has helped with my shoulder issues. Also band pull aparts before lifting have done wonders. Got done and could barely lift my arms!

Cardio has always been an issue for me but I think I am starting to like it. I am alternating treadmill for 35 minutes and HIIT on the elliptical. Seems to be working since I am down another couple pounds.

So I normally don't mention politics but I have to...I watched the debate this week and was appalled. This election is a circus and I am disappointed to be an American. For once I would love to have a politician tell us the plan they have to make our lives better and our country stronger. But that will never happen. These wonder people just spout off talking points and then let the drooling heads on TV and radio elaborate for them. The worst part of that is most people buy into it and never educate themselves on the truth! Let me present an example...
A former coworker called Obama a socialist, communist, and fascist. I politely asked him to tell me the differences between those three titles he bestowed on Obama. He had no clue. Now the educated readers or at least the ones that can type Wikipedia into Google can figure that out. I was amazed at the lack of basic   fundamental history and government knowledge. But let me express my real anger at the fact that Paul Ryan dismissed the Supreme Court in the debate when the abortion issue was brought up. In essence he said the decisions of the SCOTUS  do not matter. Appalling to think this man could be VP and throw aside the basic foundation of our government, if you don't know it is called Checks and Balances. Anyway...don't send me hate mail about politics, I refuse to argue about it. This was just my observation and opinion.

And finally let me talk about grip... I have always wanted to close the #3 COC and be ranked among the top grip guys on the planet. So with inspiration from a friend who will make an attempt to close the #3 and #4 on the same day. I have decided to add COC training on shoulder day, as a second workout. Warmed up with the trainer, then sets of 5,3,1 with the #1. Moved on to the #2. This was tough and I had only enough to get it closed quarter of the way. Then I forced closed the #2 and did negative holds, 10 count each hand two times. Finally I repped out the trainer for 25 reps each hand. Typing this was a bitch! A lot of work ahead of me...

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  1. Oh God Ryan made this one point that pissed me off so much when the moderator asked him if the US should have apologized for the US soldiers burning Qurans and peeing on Taliban soldiers (It's in the first nine minutes of the whole debate)

    "What we should not be apologizing for is standing up for our values."

    Yeah, we should be standing up for our values of FREEDOM OF RELIGION! Did this idiot read the bill of rights?? I never want to see Romney and Ryan in the White House. Ugh..