Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time to rumble!

So it begins. I got in the gym early to avoid the Sunday crowd, yes my gym is busy on Sundays. The plan was for shoulders and hams. Executed the plan...

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 140 10x10 30 seconds rest. This was brutal. The last 5 sets I had to rest pause the reps.

Side, Front, Rear Laterals 30 3x10 1 minute rest. Felt really good and failed perfectly on the last set of each exercise.

Upright Rows on smith machine w/ wide grip 135 3x10 30 seconds rest. Nice way to finish shoulders. Did reps slow up and down.
SLDL and Standing curl 160/80 10x10 30 seconds rest. This was a gasser. Thank all the deities I had straps.

Elliptical 25 Minutes HIIT Level 5. This was too easy. Bumping the level to 7 tomorrow.
Was surprised after 2 weeks off my weight stayed at 224 at 12% bodyfat. I still question that reading but at least it is a number to go by. Wonder waht I will weigh tomorrow after I get rid of the pizza I ate...

Got home and then headed to Wally World to stock up on food. Chicken and fish by the bag is a great deal. Also managed to find some dark chocolate PB for my cheats.  Also I added the final piece to my Rocky collection. Founf Rocky Balboa in the 5 buck movie bin!

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