Thursday, September 24, 2009

i attract the retards

in the gym that is...somebody walked thru the crossove machine while i was in the middle of a set of side rasies. had to adjust my lift to avoid hitting the dumbass. yes! that how close he got!!
i then verbally ripped into the brainless turd. good for me i can train later and avoid the morons in the morning.

other than that my 3 days off were great. ate a lot! the mexican buffet will never be the same.
training was outstanding! a pr on close grip press, 325 for 4 singles....good mornings with 500lbs.
a decent push press with 250 for 2 reps.

looking to hit it big time in november. the comp is a great set of events for me. just looking for PR's and an early qualification for 2010 nationals.

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