Monday, September 28, 2009

weekend update

no its not SNL...but i bet i am definitely funnier.

did events saturday. was pleased with the results despite the humidity and 3 soaked t-shirts!
farmers was easy, need to work my turns. tire again was insanely easy. going to have to do multiple sets just for the cardio. stones were great. event though i was so sweaty the tacky came off on my first pull. worked out some issues with placement and got some solid reps after missing 2.
sunday was a different story...deadlifts sucked! 505 was all i could manage. the 2 reps i did took everything out of me. maybe my back was toasted from events. certainly know i lost a bit from the heat. pullups were easy..5x5 with the eagle claw loops, done with fingertips. pulldowns killed and made me feel real good.

relaxed the rest of the day with football.

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