Sunday, October 18, 2009

happy it is cool

finally the weather has cooled off. from mid 90's to mid 70's.....sweatshirt weather.
feels nice to go outside without breaking into a sweat.

friday i decided to train back and quads. not bad but not the best. my intention was to do something and hit events hardthe next day. but....woke up and felt like complete crap saturday morning. back was tight and my shoulder ached. something popped and it hurt to lift it. just knew i was not going to be focused. bad enough the body hurt but my head was not screwed on right. has not been for a while now. rested all day and watched the irish lose....grrr! but it was a good game.

decided to watch seven pounds on netflix. WOW! that put me in a good mood....actually it put a lot into perspective for me and helped me tighten my head to my neck a bit. it is one of those movies that makes you think "how can i help someone?" made me realize there are people in my life that do want to help me, and without selfish intentions. i just need to let them...


  1. Back and quads in the same day? Your a wild man bro!

  2. Back and quads in one session? That takes balls bro!