Friday, October 9, 2009

the wall

i hit it, hard!
can't quite tell why. could be a cold...i feel yucky. aches, stuffed head, tired. thankfuilly no fever.
or i could be a little dehydrated and suffering heat stress. it is still mid 90's here and humid as hell. so just walking the dog is a one tshirt and a shower affair.
it is to the point i did not want to go outside or even talk to anyone. drained me enough that i decided to stay out of the gym. better to stay healthy and rest. i also ate like crazy so my appetite was ok.
i have learned to listen to my body over these years of lifting. best to take it easy than to get an injury that will nag you forever. when i am tired and drained or stressed my mind is not focused.
without that form gets sloppy or i think pushing thru will help. quite a good recipe for disaster.
best to rest, rehydrate, and refeed. come back fresh and make some impressive gains.

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