Tuesday, June 22, 2010


something has drained my desire to retain my title of strongman. i have waivered recently, trying desperately to get out of this funk i am in. rest, relaxation, motivation....nothing is working. is it time to call it quits?
i enjoy my training, it is sanity for me. the thought of competing just drains me. i am tired of last place...

i am definitely going to change up my training. maybe even see where i can take my body. make some changes to how i look. but i am not a vain narcissistic person...i just want a challenge. certainly going to be a challenge working with kettlebells and strongman events. the diet and cardio will be the biggest challenge. pulling out the bike and riding, good long walk, swimming even. diet..i am going to experiment with backloading carbs.

well here is to the journey ahead....

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