Tuesday, August 16, 2011

take a walk with me

felt like i headed downstairs to visit satan's lair for training today. back is just awful for training. i never feel anything unless it is HEAVY! and when you train like i do in the gym i do then you tend to get looks. know what i think of the looks? i don't give a crap, keep watching cuz i get stronger and you just get that much weaker and worthless.

good mornings 495 5 singles---got the last one deep.

shrugs 585x3 4 sets  drops--- 495x5, 405x10, 315x15, 225x20

rows 275 5x5

1 arm rope rows 70x10 7 sets

face pulls 40x100 rest paused reps

elliptical 30 minutes HIIT

amazing what a gallon of water will do. i dropped 3lbs since yesterday. i definitely feel less bloated. weight is not an issue for nationals. i qualified as a heavy so i must compete as one. will be fun though to come in as a tiny heavyweight and kick some big asses.

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