Monday, August 29, 2011

don't shake it more than two times

got up early to hit the gym. gotta do it because new job starting this afternoon...feels good to say that....
did shoulders and tris...uggh it was tough considering i took 2 weeks off from the gym. but it is good to feel this kind of pain.

smith press 225x2 5 sets
upright rows 205x6 6 sets
dumbbell raise 30x10 5 sets drops 25, 20, 15, 10 10 reps each
incline reverse grip press 315 5 singles
rotating extensions 30x6 3 sets 20x6 2 sets---these were rough! found my left tricep is seriously weak!
1 arm pushdowns 25x10 5 sets
pushdowns 50x50

adjusted my training to cover all the bases now. with the new job i will not be going to nationals, have to work weekends. so i figured i would just lift!

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