Monday, November 22, 2010


started late today. sleeping in is so nice. when i did wake up i was feeling like hell. joints and muscles were aching...really did not feel like going anywhere. got some motivation through music and some well placed comments from some good people, BIG THANKS!!

but when i got ready the skies open up with some rain....was not excited about riding 30 minutes in the rain.
so i called the gym down the street and their day rate was reasonable. pedaled over there in the sunshine...go figure it is florida. actually signed up for the gym. good rate and it is only 5 minutes from the apartment.

so the brutality commenced....

close grip press 315 1x1, 4x2, 1x1

reverse grip press on smith  225 6x5

cable tate press 40x10 10 sets

pushdowns 50x20 8 sets

cable curls 50x10 8 sets

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