Monday, April 20, 2009

Lessons Learned

So here is how my weekend went...straight to hell!! I weighed in friday morning at 229 fully clothed. So happy about that. Spent a fun night with friends at EPCOT. I ate like a, nachos, tacos, burrito, McDonalds.
Saturday took a turn for the worse. At the competition the first event was the yoke/ barrel carry. 750lbs crushed me. Felt something just pop in my back and my lower back tightened up.
Next was farmers walk 320lbs each hand. I knew what i could do and was happy with what I got but my back was not happy. It only cramped worse. Log clean and press came next. I could not stand up with it. I had no strength in my back. I was ready to quit at that point...hell with that! Deadlift was up next, did my 4 reps with the frame. Moved to the axle and could not budge it.
Finally I decided to give the stone a was 330lbs over a 50" bar. Same result as the log. it wasn't coming off the ground.
After the comp and stuffing myself with free protein drink samples and pizza, I went home and weighed myself. I should have been 235-238 if I refed myself properly. This was the first time I dieted for a competition. It was rough on my body and the results proved it.
Sunday I was able to pop my back and all the tightness and pressure went away. Later i ate pasta, garlic bread, and salad. Oh yeah I had a blizzard too...Went to the gym this morning and the weights felt like nothing. That is how I should have been Saturday.

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