Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Magic Number and Music as a Weapon

I woke up yesterday morning early so I could get to Wallyworld and get a new tire. Knowing my last experience there I was prepared with gym bag. The wait for 1 tire....4 hours!!! So I walk across the street to the gym.
I proceed to spend 3 hours doing cardio and pseudo-strongman events. I did zercher deads, good mornings, push presses, and holds. Inbetween these I spent 20 minutes on the dreadmill, for a total of 80 minutes. I ended my time there with 40 minutes on the cardio 120 minutes.
Got on the scale...dum dum dum...231lbs!! Finally all this cardio and dieting has paid off. 6 days to go till weigh ins. Looks like I can drop a few more lbs this week. Made it back to Wallyworld, picked up my car, early, went home and took care of laundry, lunch and my dog. Speaking of lunch...I cannot stand fish anymore.

Music as a Weapon
Oh man I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Even though there were bands playing outdoors all day I went at night for the headliners...Chimaira, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage, and of course DISTURBED!!!!
Chimaira opened. What can I say? Just not my speed. Too much scream and all the songs sounded the same.
Lacuna!! Think Evanesence with a much harder sound. Very impressed. Going to pick up their new CD when it comes out.
Killswitch Engage was fun. They had the best pit going. Sounded great! They ended with "Holy Diver" Oh hell that was great...DIO!!!! Put up them horns!!

One thing about the opening acts, their mic's sucked!! Could barely hear or understand the singers.

Then what I have been waiting for....DISTURBED!! Saw them last year at House of Blues and was impressed. Now I get to see them in a large venue. Draiman came out on the Emblem and landed onstage. They did all the great songs. The medley of songs was quite impressive. The reset the stage for Indestructible...camo netting and red,white and blue lighting. The band came out...guitarist was in an Air Force shirt, bassist in an Army shirt, drummer and singer in camo!!
Then it went black...and the crowd is going that it?? Drums begin to bang and the spotlight comes up on the drummer...a killer drum solo!!! Lasted something like 5 minutes.
Then came the finisher...The Sickeness...cant go home without hearing it. Draiman was in the crowd on a lighted lift and sang most of the song there. Then he made his way to the stage and finished. Lights up go home....

The wait to get out of the parking garage was endless. What brought me joy was watching the redneck stoners pushing their car...must have spent all their money on tickets and pot.

Today my ears are still ringing....

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