Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keeping Busy

I didn't do much today. I certainly stayed out of the gym. Slept in and decided to clean my place, would be nice since I am having guests. My dog enjoyed being out in the yard, he didn't have to hear the vacuum. Got some stuff rearranged and did some laundry...I know this is exciting.

I did manage to squeeze myself into my deadlift suit all on my own. Those damn things are uncomfortable...was more like a workout just putting it on. I do know it will help Saturday, besides its allowed so why get the extra pop from it.

Really today was about distracting myself from the competition Saturday. I can feel the tension rising the closer I get. I can certainly feel something mean and angry rising in me. I don't want to let it out too early, but I definitely do not want to let it consume me. So now I am occupying my time watching anime on HULU...a new one called Glass Fleet.

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