Monday, April 27, 2009

please keep your arms and legs in at all times...

sunday was nice. i relaxed at home at some good food with my parents, sister, and nieces. watched some boob tube...damn that talledega finish...
i also got my butt in to do some worship...cardio...iron type. did 1 hour total on the elliptical and abs. really you ask...does a strongman need them? YES!!!! we do.
weighed myself and was surprised to be at 232lbs! even after all the garbage i have been consuming. going to be good to come in light in june.

today i made the effort to sleep in...only because i shut off my alarm instead of hitting the snooze. good thing my dog needed a walk or i would have slept all day. got to the gym and took over the only power cage there. back work from hell...shrugs, zercher deads, good mornings, and 1 arm rows. it hurts to sit pain but a little tight. happy with the workout so i did 20 minutes on the elliptical.

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