Friday, April 10, 2009

Water Weight and Tires

Today has been weird for me. It started with a lackluster session of cardio in the gym. My weight seems to be stuck at 235lbs. Even after 90 minutes on the DREADMILL. Oh well...I still have one week before the competition.
Since this is new let me explain...I am cutting weight to enter the lightweight division for North American Strongman Inc. The weight limit is 231lbs. I am competing next week in Orlando, Florida at the Europa Show of Champions. The contest is a Pro/Amateur meet with a procard going to the winners in each weight class.
Wanting to achieve something more than last place and a so-so existence in strongman I decided to take the leap. I noticed my strength is up there for the lightweights. I am not the best but I can do well. The challenge is dropping the weight....I LOVE FOOD!! I made the choice and have really stuck to my diet. I have been doing a ketogenic diet. Whats that you ask? Basiclly you are getting your body to burn ketones(fats) instead of carbs as fuel. It means the body is burning the fat in your body and you lean out.
I started at 248lbs 3 months ago. I dont miss the carbs so much but I sure do want a pizza....

Now the rest of my day. I was driving to work jamming to the ipod. But damn it starts to get noisy!! Turn off the radio....Sounds like a flat tire. Figures I am driving in the middle of nowhere. I get to a spot i can pull over and get it swapped with the on in to work. All the spring breakers and holiday goers are jamming the streets. Cant make it to the tire place.
So I figure i will wake up early, go to Wally World, get a new tire, and make my way across the street to do some more cardio.

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