Monday, September 20, 2010

was it worth it?

take that breath and make that step....don't know why but the Stone Sour song is resonating in my head today.
says a lot about me and what has gone on lately.

saturday was intense. i was ready mentally and physically. had all my stuff ready and headed out. wouldn't you know the universe stepped in to smack me down bright and early. halfway to the comp my car takes a dump on me. busted radiator hose and lost my belt. lucky i was near my mom and dad. called them to find a place in town to fix my car. limped it there and let my training partner i was not competing. then i thought "what the hell....all this effort, time, and energy to waste?!?" borrowed my dads car and headed over. made the call back to my training partner and told him to let the promoter know i was going to be late. funny thing is the i was early, we started the comp late...

first event was the press medley. 220 log, 250 log, 275 axle. 220 went up in one motion ala Derek Poundstone. tried that with the 250, had to reset it and push press. nearly passed out from holding my breath as i set the log down hard. went after the axle. let me tell you i hate axles...cleaned it nice and high but could not get under it. bums me out cuz i think i can press that. well i have work to do...

next was the axle deadlift. did i already say i hate axles? it is the fact that i cannot wrap my hands around the bar. this event replaced the conan's wheel, an event i am good at. oh well...just do it right?! this was a last man standing event and my weight class jumped in at 450lbs. 450, 475, 500,525 all went easy. the big test was gym best was 545. i pulled it, felt slow but locked it out! there were 2 of us left in the middleweights so next one to pull successfully wins the event. my opponent missed...and so did i. the bar was not moving. so an event win but a tie.

yoke/keg carry was next. 625lb and 260lbs 60 feet each way. i was  surprised by the yoke. felt light and went smooth, but i was not setting any landspeed records. picked up the keg and began my run, ok stroll..
got about 15 feet and stopped but i was not putting it down. rested in my lap and kept going. did that one more time wuth 5 feet to go....i was not going to fail!! i took the last 2 steps and set that beast of a keg down.

easy event next, or so i walk with 260lbs each hand 100 feet...picked up and took off with it. feeling really good. 30' left and i feel it slip from my right hand. set it down and go to pick it up...then i notice the blood and hanging skin. i tore a freaking callous...done on this event. had to clean up the hand and peel off the skin. that was painful.

the last event was atlas stones. my favorite! 240 to 60" 260 to 54" 325 to 48" and 350 to 48"  i tackied up and went to it. 240 flew up and so did the 260. 325....only 2 people got this so far....i picked it up. it slipped a bit. thsi sucker was big too! reset my hands pulled it tight against me and stood up. pushed that monster on the platform. i went over the 350 and just tried but it was going nowhere...i will take this as a win too. no one else in my class got 3 stones. this win also pushed my into a tiebreaker on points. because i had 2 event wins i was able to walk away with a third place trophy.

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