Thursday, June 2, 2011

here we go's showtime!

6 weeks till CFL Strongman in first masters comp too! still not decided if i should do heavy or light though. weight is at 242 right now. 11-12 pounds should be easy in the time frame but do i want to go through the hell of cutting weight?
i was waffling about competing. this unemployment thing has got me depressed. i keep on searching and applying, but turned down for one job because i did not have a car. yet, a car was not a requirement for the job. and i even said that the salary they paid in one month i could have a car....go figure it is about the stuff you have not what is inside of you.
so anyway enough bitching...on to training!

z-press on smith machine 135,185x5, 205x3, 225x1----tried 245 but it went only halfway
HS shoulder press 180x10 5 sets
dumbbell side raise 15x15 6 sets

reverse grip pres on smith 245x3 5 sets
pushdowns 40x20 7 sets

elliptical 20 minutes HIIT

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