Saturday, June 18, 2011

R and R

my body hit the wall the other day. seriously pushing myself hard for this comp in july. have to, need to, want to... i am trying to figure out though what caused this sudden stumble into a cinder block wall.
food? maybe....3 days of binging has helped. 2 pizzas, 2 liter coke, frosted flakes, reeses peanut butter cups...the big ones....and a very large jar of nutella have all helped me feel human again. i really think i need to add a few more calories to the diet. looking at a gainer/whey/creatine concoction before bed.
training? very good possibility. 2 on 2 off is wonderful but i do spend minimum 2 hours in the gym. not normal by any means. but why should i train normal? i am a strongman after all. and really i have nothing else going on in my life right now. pushing myself harder in the gym will make up for not being able to do events.
heat? oh it is getting warm here....but that is not an issue. i need to be used to it...just have to get in water and some salt.
stress? most definite. if anyone knows being unemployed right now sucks....nothing is getting cheaper, the state just started taxing unemployment..thanks for voting in that douche bag you bunch of retarded sheep...
less and less jobs being posted, and i literally have to compete with rocket scientists for jobs. throw in a few other things stressing me and you have a whole balloon of insanity waiting to bust, thankfully i have the iron to let it out on.

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