Friday, July 22, 2011


so yeah it was a sacrifice of time and effort. but when you are passionate about something isn't it worth it?
the way my body feels i don't know....the week off from training has been nice. got some stuff done around the place and even made it out to an informational session about a job. maybe just maybe my luck is turning around!

unfortunately we are only as good as the last competition. so with that i must begin training again....8 weeks till  samson's strongman  
events for open masters class...

press medley 150 yoke, 230 log, 250 axle, 125 d'bell 1 each arm
dl for reps 405
farmers for max distance 50' turns 220 each hand
yoke/sled 50' 550 yoke/300 sled
stones 240, 260, 300, 330, 350 

should be fun. but i got work to do!

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