Saturday, July 30, 2011

saturday rambling

couple songs from ben harper struck me hard today....good stuff from an amazing singer/songwriter.

back to crappy sleeping. woke up friday at 2 am after a strange vivid and lucid dream. weird what talking to a dead person will do to you. could not get back to sleep after that so the gym was a nogo. thought maybe saturday would be a good day to train but again i tossed and turned for hours. oh well guess i could spend this day relaxing and watching some anime.
yes i love anime. first true anime i ever watched was star blazers back when i was 7. been addicted ever since. some of the most stunning stuff comes from studio ghibli....ponyo, princess monoke, howl's moving castle. just a great way to escape from reality. is just too much to bear sometimes. will things get better? not just personally but for the whole damn world! seems to me we are all about greed and self satisfaction these days. too afraid to take the path less traveled people avoid doing and saying what is truly right just to keep from having to show their faults and weaknesses.
mine are being too frustrated with incompetent rude people and pretty exotic women. the only reason i watch Bollywood movies are for the gorgeous women in them...drool....oh yeah let me add chocolate to the list too.
speaking of i think i will head out and buy me a reeses peanut butter cup or 4.

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