Tuesday, July 26, 2011

some things that make you go....


so i was on a strongman forum last night about to post a question for the promoter of the comp i was competing in September....before i could type i read a post he made. changed the date a week later because of World's Strongest Man finals. flabbergasted and irate i uttered a few obscenities and curses, ok i used some of the most profane language imaginable. really is that necessary to change the date? like every strongman in the country is going to watch...hell with that i have been around long enough i really do not need to see anyone lifting anything heavy in a strongman competition. guess the promoter didn't think that some of us had plans or are arranging our lives based on the original date?
so i decided to look at master's nationals in houston...november 19th. heck i might as well i did earn my spot for that competition.

so i did legs today...

front squat 135, 185 x5, 225x3, 2245,2and 305x1 -- 305 is a nice pr for me.
romanian deads  405x2 5 sets
power squat machine facing in  720x8 5 sets
leg press 540x50 reps
elliptical 20 minutes HIIT level 5

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