Monday, July 19, 2010

from last night

was too tired and preoccupied watching the waterboy last night.

went to the gym after first i was wavering, kept telling myself go home...who freaking trains on a sunday night? well since i pass the gym on my way home there was no escaping. i went in and trained. to my surprise there were people in the gym.

push presses...worked my warmupswith 3 reps each. got to my work set of 225. did 5sets of 2reps. very happy with this. no misses but i stalled on a couple reps and wasable to push through.
next was seated presses on the snith machine. i wanted to go as heavy as possible and do lockouts. went from nose to overhead with 265 for 3 reps. did 4sets...these were tough!!
jumped to the dumbbell rack next and did side raises with 20lbers. 10 reps 10 sets! i found a way to hit the side head better...or at least for me. i keep my palms facing my body from the front, a pronated grip.
went back the the smith machine and did one more set of presses. this time full presses! 135 for 25 reps.

was very happy with this workout! i think 275 should be easy in september....hoping things work out for september. i am looking forward to doing this comp.

i am almost done with Poison....still feel the same on it as day one. usually my body adapts to the fat burners but this stuff is intense. energy levels are great. lot of focus throughout the day. i have noticed small changes in my body. i have dropped a few lbs without doing a ton of cardio and a crappy diet. makes me think of the possibilities whren i clean up my diet and do more cardio...
Chain'd out and WTF are still my mainstays for pre-training and during training. Gym manager/owner asked me if i was drinking Kool-aid...haha.

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