Monday, December 27, 2010

life is pain

hope everyone enjoyed the holidays...actually it was a decent day for me. had dinner with the family and enjoyed insane time with my glad that stage of life is over for me. miss my kids dearly though...

well as things would go life hits the crapper like a tourist drinking water in mexico....i found out today that my unemployment claim is under review because i was fired. wonderful state of florida...4 to 6 weeks...which means after i pay my rent i have no money left. yay for can be cruel but this is unusually cruel. i would rather be waterboarded in gitmo. why pay into it if they won't give it to you? not like i quit of my own free will...oh well i press on. i apply to everything under the sun even for jobs in afghanistan, really what else do i have to lose?

this news of course took the wind out of my sails today. was supposed to train but that didn't happen. ifi feel up to it i will go tomorrow. might be my last time in the gym more love stripped away from me.

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