Monday, December 20, 2010

when death smiles at back

ah well i need to say that the gym is my place to regain is my refuge and arena!
i went back again this time with a plan. decided to dig out Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program. since i won't be competing i need a goal and reason to get in there. well why not build up the 4 lifts i need as a strongman...deadlift, overhead press, squat, and bench.  i went conservative on my maxes but i think that was still too much..haha!

so today was overhead press...week 1 is supposed to be 3 sets 5 reps, 65% / 75% / and 85%
so i went 135 and 155 for 5 reps, 185 for 5 plus 4 more. then i went to the Hammer Strength ISO shoulder press 270x8 3 sets, 270x5 1 set, 270x4 1 set....think i went too high on that.  next were dumbbell raises 30x10 5sets, not bad but right shoulder does not like them. went back to the shoulder press for 1 arm presses, 45x10 8sets...that thoroughly fried my delts.

jobs sucked today...nothing listed anywhere, must be the holidays. of course i could apply for a work from home  scam..i mean job...well i will keep pressing on. if anything i get my butt in school and get educated.

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