Monday, June 8, 2009

ahhhhh its over

till saturday.

competed on the 6th. central florida strongman in lakeland florida.

was a great day, not too hot and the rain stayed away even though we had a few rumbles.
great venue downtown and a great sponsor...the chop shop oh man let me tell you the burger i had after the comp was amazing!! half pound with blue cheese and onion rings on it....

scott weech put on a good show. we had a press medley, yoke, farmers walk, tire flip/sled drag, and atlas stones. i came in needing this to build my confidence. what happened at the europa beat me down. i did well, for me that is. my right hand gave out on the farmers and the yoke was set too low, i should have had the bar one hole up. made the thing wobble all over. the press medley made me happy...i got both logs with ease. i attempted the axle but nearly fell on my but from the pull. i know if ia could have cleaned it it would have gone up easily. the flip and drag surprised me, but i gassed at the end and was short of the finish. stones....agggh. i know i could have gotten the third one but it was filthy and the tacky would not stick. tried twice before calling it a day.

really happy with it...just for personal reasons.

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  1. not that I really know a damn thing about it all, but thru our friendship will learn more in time, but I think you rocked it!

    It WAS visable and clear how much more fun you had - and in the end, while we ALL want to win or place or show - in the end it HAS to be about having fun - when the fun stops, its time to quit, period...

    Glad I was there to enjoy the fun... I look forward to many many more times of fun in the months ahead