Saturday, June 20, 2009

a few days...

thursday i did cardio. one hour total and threw in some tricep work.
friday i did nothing for training. i was dragging @$$. thinking the diet is kicking in.
i weighed in at 234 so i am not stressing making weight.

today was event day. with the last few days of laziness i thought i would be well rested and ready to go! NOT....was almost 90 by the time we started training, we train in a garage...i did log clean and press and stones today. my back was tight so picking anything up was misery and made me slow. maybe i shouldn't do 2 days of deadlifting? throw in the oppressive heat and humidity and today was enough to make me want to move to alaska. the chalk was paste and i was so sweaty the tacky wouldn't stick to my arms.

overall i am happy with it. tougher in training easier in the competition! also quite happy that my training partner was able to shoulder a stone.

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