Tuesday, June 2, 2009

is it over yet?

235 today and more cardio in the books. did one hour today. planned on more but my first run ended abruptly. the normal tradmills were all occupied so i decided to use the treadclimber...big mistake. thing was awkward to use and 30 minutes in it just lost all resistance. the treads were flopping up and down like fish out of water. cut that short and did some back work.
that was good! found a new movement that hits the lats well...did i just type that? sounding like a bodybuilder...used a rope handle on the pulldown.
went for my next bit of cardio and was happy to be able to use the real treadmill.

its not just me. came into work and everyone was having a weird day. i mean everyone!! a full moon is coming...right on saturday too. good omen? hope so cuz maybe i will win.

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  1. a full moon on Saturday... if so I swear we are stopping at some beach on the way back from BB show, nothing like a full moon over the ocean!