Monday, June 1, 2009

one more today

90 minutes on the treadmill. i broke it up in 30 minute increments. i worked forearms inbetween. was nice when i got to the gym one was there. but halfway through it became packed! good thing i am not training full tilt this week or i would have gone nuts!

some events have changed for saturday. 60' on the farmers walk, was 80. yoke is 80'...uggh.
only 4 guys in my class. so now i further question my need to cut 6lbs. yes i would like to qualify as a lightweight but what will i lose by trying it in 5 days? i cant make early weigh ins cuz i have to work...certainly i do not want to be dehydrated and not fed 2 hours before the comp.

i have september in mind and if i hold at 237, the drop will be easy for then. i should also feel comfortable at a lower weight. so i will shoot for labor day weekend to be a true lightweight.
i just look forward to having fun competing and not stressing.

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