Tuesday, January 18, 2011


just what i felt like i needed today....

so a few things before i get into my training. was supposed to go for a 2nd interview today. something has been bothering me though...the job was 100% commission. yeah unlimited earnings, up to me....but i want some guarantee. look at the economy...who is really dishing out cash for services they can do themselves? so with a little advice and gut instinct i decided to not go in for it. put out more resumes and applications, actually a few jobs listed today.  another thing...why are employers making it so tough for us to get jobs? really...8 bucks an hour part time and you want someone with a bachelors degree?!!?

well now to the training

deadlifts 335x3 395x3 445x3+2--on number 5 something in my hip/glute area popped! nothing serious actually felt good. decided to stop there. oh yeah all raw except the last 2, used straps.

reverse squat 360x8 5 sets

pull thrus 100x10 5 sets

single leg curls 75x10 5 sets

ab pulldowns 100x10 8 sets

twist yo wrist  20x5 5 sets

behind back wrist curls 110x20 3 sets

hammer curls 100x2 90x2 80x2 70x2 60x2 50x3 40x4 30x5 20x6

grip macine 100x10 5 sets

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