Monday, August 16, 2010

good training good food

so i took sunday completely off. went to spend time with the family. was a nice day, but a hot drive...picked up a cool chair at target in the process. went to panera for breakfast on my way out. had a bagel...lunch was steak and shake, then dinner was homemade chicken marsala. man does my mom know how to cook. got home watched some movies and went to sleep. i have to keep my focus, 5 weeks of training left. can't get someone out of my head...

hang cleans 135x2, 155, 185, 205

dumbbell clean and press 100 5 singles each arm. need to watch my free hand, couple times i assisted the press. 1 minute rest on these.

seated smith press 315x2 5 sets. used elbow wraps. these felt sooooo easy. i set the bench at a slight incline. got this idea from superhuman radio. allowed me to pinch my shoulder blades together. felt very stable in this position.

dumbbell side raise 20x15 8 sets adjusted my position on these and felt them deep in the side head. 

walked 30 minutes on the treadmill

jumped back in with the androhard, dermatherm, green tea and humapro. sometiems i think we need a break from supps too.

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