Monday, May 4, 2009

ah day was fun in the gym. only cuz i made it there. did legs and did them without much pain in my back.

leg presses...single leg with 450

box hips hate me for it

romanian deads...very strong

pull thrus....they always get looks, must have a nice butt or i look like an idiot.

hit some HIIT cardio and called it a day.

first day over 90...wish i had more time to lounge around outside. but paying the bills is easier when i show up for work. i am drooling over my dinner but it is too early to eat...cooked up a strip steak i marinated in whiskey and red pepper. took a taste earlier and...patting myself on the was great.

was thinking...dangerous...i am so tired of the internet bullshit i read. so many people live in these forums just to cause trouble and spread crap. hell with all the crap the spread they should take up farming. it bores me and makes me wonder about the quality of humans. it also makes me think about how we view the world. is it skewed because of our lack or real interaction? dont get me wrong i have made some great friends this way...but the majority still rulz.

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