Tuesday, May 26, 2009

relaxing weekend

thought i would get more done but my body told me other things. i slept 12 hours 2 days in a row. it just felt so good. i ate like crazy...and the scale showed it this morning...but i relaxed and enjoyed a few days off.

sunday i went to the parents and had dinner. lots of food and went home with a ton of leftovers. watched the indy500, just an amazing race.

monday i was the chauffer...drove mom and dad to the hard rock casino. lost my money in the video bandits...was better served drinking at the bar. we went to joes crab shack on the way home. walked or rather waddled out of there, stuffed!

woke up today and got back to business. worked on my pressing in the gym. finally figured out the dip on my press!! now to try it with some serious weight. shoulders are already getting stiff and sore. 10 days till comp....i feel loose and ready to have insane fun!

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