Tuesday, May 19, 2009

crazy freaking morning and some back work

weirdness abounds this week...
its been raining for 2 days. something we desperately needed. but when it rains like this wood swells...specifically the door frame to my apartment. it makes it hard to close. i didnt know that till i woke up this morning as the wind gusted and blew it open! my dog freaked. realizing i was bare assed nekkid i couldnt just walk up and close it. so i was getting shorts when magnus the wonder dog made his escape. lucky for me he responds to car ride...with 3 hours of sleep and barely any clothes on i drove him around the block. but the fun didnt end there!! he made another run for it as we got out of the car....chased a truck and crapped on the neighbors lawn.
car ride worked again but this time there was no treat of wind blowing in the face. i got his leash on and took him back inside...and then proceeded to crash for 3 more hours. but it was good cuz i had the best dream :)

so i made it to the gym. weird going in later. but i had it all to myself....no soccer moms or silver sneakers!! did my back work today, yes i knowi planned cardio but i realized that i would be doing back too close to events. hi pulls ruled!! but i squished my meat and potatoes, not once but twice. that was no fun.... good mornings were insane!! 495!!! so happy my back is healing well. next were zerchers from the knees, with 365. i nearly passed out each rep... finished my back with rows and pulldowns. very happy with that.

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  1. but how can you be mad at him with a face like that :o) and hell just go to the door nekkid what the hell...