Thursday, May 14, 2009

the hell with everything and your little dog too

today i sucked. shoulders hurt. not the joints but deep in the muscles...i need to learn to get my legs into the press. looks like i need to add front squats again. damn gym was crowded, a few idiots in my way while benching...grrr. oh yeah i am in a pissy mood today.

more ot at work, lost our third shift person. hooray!! i could use the money. going to south carolina in september. riding with my training partner. he is doing master nationals. i am going for the that are too hard to pass up. this is going to be good. 2 days and max events...

i have seriously had enough of people. where is the cave on the mountain? too many people love to wallow in their own crap and misery. get over it and get on with life. its too short to be miserable. so many people blaming everyone else but they wont look in the mirror. i have had enough! too many lazy people, hear about how busy they are, complain they only have time to make frozen food and they are fat....this person doesnt like me, he is mean to me...jeeezus!!

ms californias boobs, credit card reform, high gas prices, torture pictures....aaaggghhhh.

i am going to regress and watch cartoons, reality is just too much.

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