Monday, May 18, 2009

an extra dose

i am really much for working OT. its rather slow tonight.
ah well like the song rest for the wicked

hoping to get in all my OT this week and just have a nice long memorial day weekend.
would be nice just to lay around and do nothing for 3 days...ok i will hit the gym and do my events. of course the beach will be calling...

i thought it would be harder to get back on the keto diet but day 2 and i feel pretty darn good. know its kicking in when i feel warm all over. surprisingly the cravings dont get bad, as long as i get a good cheat meal.

tomorrow is another cardio day. easy treadmill time...i now know why some people text while doing it, makes the time go by. i like to break it up with abs or grip work. think it will be abs tomorrow too.

1 comment:

  1. Here's to getting in that OT and having that long weekend... if ya get to the beach, stay a little longer for me...

    Cardio texting... LOVE IT..