Wednesday, May 27, 2009

strange days

ok so american idol has its controversy, kate and jon worked the bad press, the right is going crazy over sotomayer, and our government is wasting precious tax dollars busting "steroid dealers".
we live in a land of hypocrites, fakes, cheats, and greedy self serving people. the misinformed and simple minded america buys into the BS that is reality TV, they blindly agree with talking heads and question nothing that our government does. hell most people couldn't tell you what the first 2 amendments in the constitution are.
we love our sports but god forbid these high paid athletes do something to enhance and prolong their careers. yet we still want more homeruns, bigger hits, slam dunks, and hat tricks. its pathetic. the news twists a few nonnewsworhty stories into mind blowing onesided investigative dribble. they never get facts or research scientific evidence. really..that would be actual work...and work wouldnt sell ad time during sweeps.
in short...get the facts! and before you judge ask yourself, how entertaining would (insert favorite sport here) if there were mediocre playing?

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