Wednesday, May 20, 2009

more freaking rain

its karma...for all the time i made fun of everyone and the weather up north. it fooled me this morning too, the sun was shining when i woke up. by the time i left the gym it was pouring again. luckily i am not flooded out, some people are. hoping the weekend is clear because i certainly do not want to spend 3 days off stuck inside.

did my cardio today. wasnt really into it for some reason....managed 45 minutes and worked my abs hard. yes strongmen do need them, its more like a keg versus a 6 pack....haha!
surprisingly i weighed myself and was 231. just where i need to be with 2 weeks to go.


  1. Rob you keg definitely does NOT look like that!

    Hope you have some good weather this weekend too..

  2. its more like a pony keg now hehe

    fawkin rain!!!

  3. yea.. karma... biting you in the ass... or the pony keg!

    as long as the sun is shining there in two weeks...

    Ok no, hopefully it will shine for you this weekend since your actually taking off work and enjoying some down time...