Wednesday, May 20, 2009

late nite ramblings

i just need to kill the time while i wait for my day to end. rather slow tonight....
i can hear rumblings outside, still raining. just hoping there are no tornadoes
coming my way. with my drive home there is no place to go if i run into one.

i have to say being back on this ketogenic diet i have rediscovered the lack of
filters...something about low carbs makes me lose inhibitions. could be good if
i got out and was able to flirt...i really feel flirty...haha...bad coming from a guy?
between my job and training i dont get to be "out" there. and many
women want to be bothered in the gym or supermarket? dammit they are all married anyway.

karma is a strange and wonderful thing....must be why i am having all this crazy shit go on this week.

was watching buena vista social club. love that music and the movie. cuba is a beautiful country. and the people have such spirit. love seeing the singers walking
around and just singing...the musicians are wonderful too. the sound just makes you
want to dance, drink rum, and smoke a cigar. the best part is compay segundo, a
90 year old man, talking about trying to have a 6th child...

ok i am done rambling....

1 comment:

  1. hhmm I don't get that flirty thing with keto :o) damn the bad luck... hopefully the rain has subsided...