Wednesday, May 6, 2009

do or do not there is no try....

about what i was thinking today as i started my shrugs. put on 315 to warmup and it was HEAVY!!!!. oh well strapped up and put more weight on the bar. funny it all felt lighter then...i used the force. haha...
good mornings were next and i felt every bit of them. but in a good way. i know where i am weak and this brutal exercise hits it.
zerchers...loved 'em! perfect and feeling light. need to add more next week.
ended the workout with some 1 arm cable rows.
i decided to forget about cardio...i dont want to cut too much weight. 229 and holding so i will keep it there.
my landlord was kind enough to give me a coupon for free KFC...guess Oprah was talking about it. Oh man was it body loves me for the food.
Oh and i should thank someone for the Yoda reality i am a short wizened little green man....must be the KFC

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  1. well thankfully you don't LOOK to much like yoda :o)